Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting the story right!!

Its been more than month now, since our First anniversary vacation, and I wasn't even able to put the pictures together. I had already decided that these pics would definitely come on the Wall...
No, not the Facebook or Pinterest wall, but the real wall...our bedroom wall.

So, I picked the best ones out on my laptop (one hell of a task, if you know what I mean!) . And here's what has come out. I'm inspired by my sister to make a scrapbook for that particular vacation, or even the whole First year.As a "Marriage cum love" project.
She has a Life project going on currently, which you can check out the following link Avinash&Nandini

And here's what I made:

 Both of em are collages, though I'm a little skeptical on the idea of getting a collage done and framed. Maybe coz I havn't really seen good ones around.

Well...I'm gonna get these printed and framed for our room today. But any better ideas are also welcome.
Also, I was thinking of adding some letter hangings to frame "First Anniversary" or something like does that sound?!

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Nirupama said...

Hey! Thanks for the link love girl :) I love your collages, esp the warhol one. You can use picnik to add nice text (it is free online). Definitely frame those for your 'wall'.