Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New found obsession: Cheese and Food

I was never obsessed with food the way I am right now..

All the channels I love on TV are on "food", apart from my Art and crafts interest, food is the next Big thing in line.

And I almost look forward to cooking and trying something new!!!

Like the other night I made these Double baked potatoes. If you are vegetarian, just "skip" the non-veg part. Rest follow!!! And follow I say...everyone was like hypnotised by this dish..

Oh yeah...I made it in a large dish, which was mostly FINISHED by three...I say three people.
OMG...I was so delighted to see them eat, I myself couldn't eat it...

Got any good recipes for me...I'd love to try them!!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Demi More is following "me" on Pinterest

How cool is that!!!
Guys...just opened my email to find that "Demi More" (yes...the same one") is following me on Pinterest..
I'm thrilled...

Niharika on Pinterest!!

Click the above to check out my pins..especially the Oil paintings...

My current project - "Indian monuments"
(Pics coming soon....)

Niharika :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting the story right!!

Its been more than month now, since our First anniversary vacation, and I wasn't even able to put the pictures together. I had already decided that these pics would definitely come on the Wall...
No, not the Facebook or Pinterest wall, but the real wall...our bedroom wall.

So, I picked the best ones out on my laptop (one hell of a task, if you know what I mean!) . And here's what has come out. I'm inspired by my sister to make a scrapbook for that particular vacation, or even the whole First year.As a "Marriage cum love" project.
She has a Life project going on currently, which you can check out the following link Avinash&Nandini

And here's what I made:

 Both of em are collages, though I'm a little skeptical on the idea of getting a collage done and framed. Maybe coz I havn't really seen good ones around.

Well...I'm gonna get these printed and framed for our room today. But any better ideas are also welcome.
Also, I was thinking of adding some letter hangings to frame "First Anniversary" or something like that...how does that sound?!